Happy St. Patrick's Day

Lucky To Call You Friend
I saw this on www.tipjunkie.com and decided to
make them for Joelle and Drew's classmates.
So simple to make:
a watercolor paint set
a golden wrapped Rolo and a tag! 
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Happy 5th Birthday Maia-saura!
Who says dinosaur parties are just for boys?
Add pink, orange, and little glitter and glam and it screams GIRL PARTY!

Birthday Invite:

Fill in thank you notes
Custom Food Table Signs

Rock Star Baby Shower

I'm loving this idea...a rock star themed baby shower. 
The glitter guitar is just the cutest but the blue and brown keep it perfect for a baby!

Easter Is On The Way

Here comes Peter Cottontail...
Easter's On It's Way!
If you need an Easter Invitation for a hunt or egg decorating party here are some samples.  Or, if you are like me and was too busy to send a Christmas Card you can send an Easter Card and show off your adorable children!
Egg Painting Party $2.25 each
Egg Hunt $2.25 each
Easter Card $2.50 each
Easter Paint Can $22.00


Are you ready for some football? 
This football invitation and thank you note can be made in any team color.

Birdie Baby

Birds have been in for quite some time.  I hope this trend doesn't end anytime soon because I'm in love with this little bird! It can easily be done in pink!
The sweet bird on this invite has a sparkly, clear glitter plus stitching around the edges.  Then give each guest a
 Wishes For Baby page then bind into a book as a great keepsake!